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Benefit Frauds, Investigations

Any benefit fraud or benefit overpayments investigation can feel daunting, bank-breaking, embarrassing and challenging and can be a name and shame outcome as well. Unfortunately, most benefit frauds reported in the UK are purely an element of jealousy or broken-down relationships or divorces or many other social problems. So even you are a victim of benefit fraud reporting, this is a hassle you must go through until the law enforcement agencies complete their checks. Zero One Consultants also believe in the other aspect of benefit frauds investigation and or enquiries; unfortunately, these are the enquiries that will be conducted as and under the benefit frauds and investigations, but they happen due to the claimant’s genuine mistakes, e.g. purely wrong estimation of claimant’s income. If a person is working with an agency or as bank staff or as a temporary staff or labour in a workplace, they might not get their figures of annual income right. In this case, they will give the income estimate they believe to be right, which will not be correct. For these inquiries, the most common investigations are dealt with under the COP26 regulations, especially Work and Family Tax Credit. If you are a victim of any benefit fraud or investigations, Zero One Consultants highly recommend you not deal with them independently but speak to someone qualified to do so. Any misstatement or wrong statement can cause you a lifetime of problems and heavy bills to pay besides an amount of benefit repayment you may not even have to pay back.

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