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What Zero One Consultants can do for you

  1. if you have already decided about setting up your business as in a limited company. Zero One Consultants then will help you to decide which is the most economical package you may need to pick, we always advise a balanced approach where your cost and benefits are not out balanced.
  2. What other types of taxes your business may need to register for.
  3. Inform you about our Trusted Management Services (TMS) to maintain your statutory registers for an effective up to date compliance.
  4. We may offer you our Trusted Management Services (TMS) to appoint us as your corporate secretary, Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Terms and Conditions Apply (T&C).
  5. Provide you a detailed guidance on the duties of the directors to complete your statutory duties.
  6. Zero One Consultants will setup the company for you and we will provide you all the statutory registers if you wish to maintain statutory records and registers for yourself.
  7. Depending upon your package and/or Service Level Agreement (SLA) Zero One Consultants will register you for all the required services and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) taxes.
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Now if you like to read in detail what company package you may need, read the details below.