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What Zero One Consultants can do for you

Zero One Consultants can restore the company for you in the following situations:

  1. To Release Assets, if you have assets in the company but due to some unforeseen events, the company was closed, and now your assets are in the custody of state, The Treasury Solicitors. If you want to release the assets which are over £3000.00, then you have to get the company restored for the further proceedings.
  2. To Pursue Litigation, any litigation reasons you need to restore the company for the further proceedings.
  3. To Trade, if your company was closed due to noncompliance with Companies House (CH) and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), or due to the in-capabilities of someone in charge to look after the statutory affairs and you have a lot of stakes on the company name, you may want to restore the company purely for trading reasons. There may be a simple reason you want to keep the company name, and the company was closed some time ago, but you want to trade on your previous name then the company can be restored for you to trade again.
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Now if you like to read in detail about restoring a limited company, read the details below.