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What Zero One Consultants can do for you

Secretarial Services:

  1. Once appointed Zero One Consultants will take all the company secretarial tasks from you. Terms and Conditions Apply (T&C)
  2. Zero One Consultants will represent you on the company house as we may be taking the position of corporate company secretary
  3. Zero One Consultants will guide you and will provide you full support and guidance to deal with your compliance affairs, in most of the cases Zero One Consultants will be performing these services after having your shareholders permissions.
  4. Where necessary Zero One Consultants will contact the company shareholders and will inform them about the updates, they need to know.
  5. Arrange and held the general meetings for your company and arrange all the necessary paperwork for the purpose. Terms and Conditions Apply (T&C)
  6. Zero One Consultants will advise you what type of share capital you may issue if you need one.
  7. Zero One Consultants will keep your statutory registers for directors, shareholders and People with Significant Control (PSC).
  8. Zero One Consultants will be dealing with your shareholders upon the instructions issued by the company management. Terms and Conditions Apply (T&C)
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  2. ➤Zero One Consultants 9:00-18:30, 07800 568080, 07847 666003
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Now if you like to read in detail what Trusted Management Services (TMS) is all about, then read the details below. This is a list of services Zero One Consultants as Trusted Management Services (TMS) will or may perform for your over the time of their appointment for your company or business.